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Adjuntar archivo:

Send files up to 300 megs our sector Graphic Design and Prepress. BE A GOOD DESIGNER! If the design did not our company, but want to print, you recommend following these tips: If you send a photo: -300 Dpi. -CMYK -Format Jpg, Psd. If you send Corel: -Curves -CMYK -Corel Version 13.   (14.15 and 16 bring   sotware problems!) If you send an AI: -Curves and Linkeadas   pictures CS3 or CS4-Version -CMYK If you send a PDF: -Other than heavy   (quality governing   images) -Check all   transparencies and   Shadows are well. If you send a Word: -Except for editorial   that some use, the   word is not a program   design, if not   office. In this case   design you have to   your. Remember: -Work images   at 300 dpi and no more. -Use color palettes   in CMYK. -Do not use colored   text to give   more black intensity   This occurs because   movement in the register. Prepared for Internet Explorer / Chrome / Mozilla in all versions -------------------------------------------------- ----- Copyright 2008 - 2016 / Reproduction in whole or in part MOVISTAR FREE ARGENTINA: 15-5060-0354   /  CLARO FREE ARGENTINA: 15-5817-8183 / info@atonestudio.com.ar